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Child with Parents

Take Custody of Your Child With Active Legal Support

Arizona law requires that parents establish paternity of child before proceeding with a child support case.  Legally establishing paternity enables the father to have the legal rights and privileges that are provided to parents.  Paternity can be established one of two ways: 1) when both parents agree, they can sign an acknowledgment form establishing paternity, or 2) if paternity is contested, the state will arrange for DNA testing followed by a court order.

Establish child support

  • Calculate child support payments

  • Preparation of requests to modify child support

  • Preparation of requests to stop child support

  • Filing of required child support documents

  • Assistance with required service of documents

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Modify child support

Arizona law allows child support modifications (usually due to a change in one of the parents' income up or down or a change in living arrangements, etc.) if the change will result in a change in amount owed by 15%; this change can be higher or lower than the amount currently paid. Both parents are required to exchange financial information every 24 months until the child support obligation is terminated. When modified, the change typically dates back to the first date of the month following the request for modification.